With my experience, affordable and accessible early childcare and senior care are my top priorities for the District. As a former environmental planner for Caltrans, I am equipped to address affordable planning needs that we need to foster community growth and create policies to address antiquated permitting processes.

Families, Affordability and Livability

  • Invest in affordable early childhood care
  • Increase home-based child care facilities
  • Create market rate and more affordable housing units
  • Support renter rights and homeowner accessory dwelling units

Community and Neighborhood Integrity

  • Revitalize merchant corridors
  • Expand parks, green spaces and park beautification
  • Foster family, youth and senior access to resources
  • Eliminate language access barriers 

Community Safety 

  • Keep all parks and open space free of drug dealing and graffiti
  • Address business blight and empty storefronts
  • Increase street lights, community neighborhood watch and community patrols
  • Invest in community public safety measures for families and seniors

Climate Jobs and Justice

  • Green New Deal District 
  • Juvenile Justice 
  • More Parks More green space 


Together, we are stronger.  We have to do more and we have to do better. Together we can keep District 11 for our families, children and seniors.