Why I Am Running

I’m running because our community is at a crossroads. The challenges we face—child care, senior care, housing, small businesses, and public safety—demand urgent attention in our district. And I will bring an independent voice and a commitment to action without political pressures. Child care and senior care are not just political talking points—they are deeply personal to me.

I love my district and I love listening to people. I’ve got deep roots in this district. Born and raised here, educated in the District throughout my life, I now live in a multigenerational home with my parents and my 2-year-old daughter. I want her to grow up in a thriving community, surrounded by opportunity and support.


How I Am Different

My life isn’t typical. I’m a single mother, with responsibilities of parenting while caring for my parents as an in-home support services worker. My partner is of Mexican descent and currently resides there. Our family’s journey—from humble beginnings as street vendors to small business owners—has shaped my life experience. Like many residents in the district we've also faced housing insecurity and withstood the daunting processes of permittings and city inspections. And this was a challenge exacerbated by the lack of access to homeowner and housing resources in District 11. These struggles resonate with many homeowners and renters in District 11.

When I was having my daughter, I was also a client of Homeless Prenatal Services which later connected me to a free doula from the Birth Companion Community Center, located here in the Excelsior. At the time because of my lower income working class status, I qualified for government assistance for health insurance and was a patient at SF General Hospital. My experience was daunting and filled with pressure for decisions I had no knowledge about if weren’t for programs such as Homeless Prenatal or Birth Companion Community Center. 

My parents when they arrived were also grateful for government assistance and the government health coverage they received at the time. For many years after my parents divorced, I translated for my mother when she was receiving government assistance. 


Why I Am Qualified

Being energetic, outspoken, passionate and a collaborator is at the heart of my approach. Over the years, I’ve built meaningful connections with our community through various political campaigns. As a dispatcher prioritizing safety, an SFUSD teacher at James Lick Middle School 8th Grade Science, non-profit educator and an environmental planner for Caltrans, I’ve honed a diverse skill set. My education—a Master’s in Education from University of San Francisco, a Master’s in Public Policy from Georgetown University, and a JD from UC SF Law (formerly UC Hastings) —equips me to serve effectively.

Together we are stronger and together we can do better for our neighborhood and for our families, por nuestras familias.